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Dunfermline Urban Design Strategy


Royal Dunfermline / Fife Council


Project Description

Preparation of an Urban Design Strategy to guide and prioritise strategy and programme for works to stimulate urban renaissance in Dunfermline's city centre. Ironside Farrar were commissioned as lead consultants and were supported by Pollock Hammond Architects and Art in Partnership. The strategy follows/ supports the Urban Design Framework established by the Royal Dunfermline Partnership Group and aims to provide support for the development of Dunfermline over the next 10 years.


Key Issues

The key objectives of the commission were to guide current and future development projects and planning decisions/ promote and led to higher development quality on the ground/ guide current and future Royal Dunfermline initiatives/ provide a framework to prioritise investment in public realm and building stock. Services Provided Public realm masterplanning/ preparation of a designed, costed and prioritised series of regeneration projects for the City Centre's public realm/ City Centre-wide Design Guidance/ prioritized list of City Centre properties for repair and facelift/ consultation workshops. Creation of 3D model to communicate a range of development proposals .

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