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Cowglen Planning Study

Glasgow City Council

Project Description
Cowglen is a predominantly brownfield site extending to some 26 hectares. The site lies immediately to the east of Pollok Town Centre, has been identified in the adopted Glasgow City Plan 2 as an opportunity for future mixed use development, subject to a Planning Study to facilitate development and co-ordinate development aspirations. Its proximity to Pollok Estate and inclusion of mature feature trees provides a high quality environmental setting for new development as well as access to recreation opportunities.

The Spatial Masterplan seeks to assist future developers by describing the place-making principles, design concepts and spatial parameters developed to ensure the delivery of the Cowglen vision as set out in the Concept Development Brief: 'a sustainable residential and business community within a high quality environmental setting that connects to the adjacent town centre.'

Informed by a number of thematic studies covering hydrology and water management, geotechnical and landscape issues which helped to identify spatial constraints. We undertook site appraisal (landscape, ecology, geology, utilities, hydrology and drainage and access), identified constraints and opportunities and proposed and appraised development options.

The spatial masterplan emphasized: connectivity including a clear street/public space hierarchy which encourages pedestrian and cycle movement, creating a range of housing types, sizes and tenures, including provision for live work units, to encourage a balanced community mix; incorporating a range of densities to reinforce the spatial structure and hierarchy and place a greater concentration of households along the public transport routes and close to proposed local shops and services; maximizing safety and security; 'passively' reducing traffic speeds, and creating a high quality landscape and green network.

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3d visualisation of Cowglen development from SE

3d visualisation of Cowglen development from NE